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I started Sleepy King in May of 2009, shortly after the birth of my son. I searched in every store, and all over the Internet for unique soft toys for him to play with, but I couldn't find anything that resembled what I had in mind. Back then not many people made plush toys. That's when I decided to pick up my first sewing machine and learn how to sew. I started making cats out of vintage fabric. Then soon I had a pile of plush cats, but I also wanted foxes, squirrels, bears, raccoons and bunnies! My mind was on fire with ideas for plush toys. My friends and family showed great interest in my new hobby and soon they became my first customers. A good friend urged me to start selling online. So I opened up a shop in April 2009 and I have been selling my animal friends since then.
Sleepy King is Savannah May, located in Northern California.