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Baby Bat - SMALL new Design 🖤 PRE ORDER

$ 48.00

I’ve decided to open up a small number of pre order baby bats since so many people have asked! These are limited edition 2019 Halloween bats. They will only be available this month. After pre orders I’m not sure how many ready to ship bats I’ll make, so this is your chance to snag one!


Sleepy King bats come out from hiding for a very, very short time during the fall! They are so rare, only a small number of them are ever seen out in the world. If you’re lucky enough to catch one you will find that they are soft and cute and soooo sweet! 

Pre order - please note that these are not going to ship immediately. They are sewn to order, and each animal takes time as I’m a one woman business. Please allow up to 14 *business days* (not including weekends) for your baby bat to be brought to life. Thank you 🥰! 





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